Borrowing Seeds

1. If it's your first time borrowing seeds, fill out a Membership Record Form. Please turn this in at the desk when finished! Blank Membership Record Forms can be found next to the seed cabinet across from the Circulation Desk.

2. Choose your seeds. Feel free to take seeds from any category, even if you are a beginner seed-saver, but please only take as many seeds as you have space for in your garden.

3. Record your choices on your Member's Seed Record under "Borrowing" and add your page to the Member Record Binder.  

4. Grow your plants! If you have any questions during the growing season, take a look at our reference lists and resources or contact us by email. 

5. Harvest your seeds. Be sure to dry them thoroughly and store them in a cool, dry, dark place until you bring them back to the library. 

6. Return your seeds to the library in a sealed paper envelope with your name and the plant name, variety, and year of harvest written on it. Also record this information in your Member’s Seed Record under "Returning/Donating." If you are a beginning seed-saver, please only return seeds from the “Beginner” category. 

For the continued success of the seed library, please try to return more seed than you borrowed, and only return seed that you are confident was not cross-pollinated. This will keep our drawers well-stocked and our community of gardeners happy with their results.

Thank you for your participation! 

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