2023: Best. Year. Ever. 

Make it happen at the library!

From stress management to excellent collections to tons of volunteer opportunities, we have what it takes to help you have the best year ever.


Calm App

With Calm, an app for mindfulness and meditation, reduce stress, improve focus, and sleep better! Canton teens can check out a free 2-month subscription to Calm with a library card! Fill out our form to get started!

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Canton High School Student Library Card Application

Canton High School students who have never had a library card or need a new one can fill out this form to pick up their physical card at school. Everyone else can come into the library!

Apply for a library card

Reoccurring Programs

These are the clubs and programs that happen regularly at the library. All folks in middle and high school are ususally welcome to attend. For a full list of everything happening at the library, including special events for teens, see our event calendar.

Mindful Mondays: Mondays @3pm

Practice beginning your week with peace and mindfulness. On Monday afternoons, the Maker Space will be reserved for middle and high school aged students to use as a calm space for quiet and meditation. There will be short guided meditation sessions at the beginning, and the rest of the hour we will play soothing music and enforce a strict noise limit. This is a time to clear your mind of stress and anxiety and focus on the peace of the moment.

Dot Journal Group: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month @3pm

Learn to use a dot journal for organization, reflection, achieving goals, and fun! This is a social group where we can share ideas, supplies, and encouragement while exploring different styles and techniques. All experience levels welcome, from complete beginners to expert journalers. The library has plenty of stickers, stencils, washi tape, pens, and markers, but please feel free to bring your favorite tools and materials to show off or share.

Teen Game Night: Wednesdays @6pm

Our game room is open! Gather each week to defeat your enemies at your favorite video and board games (or to have fun playing with your friends while making new ones). The library has a vast collection of all kinds of games, and feel free to bring your own! 

Library Podcast: 1st Friday of the month @3pm

Check out our Volunteer Opportunities to learn more about getting involved with the library podcast!

Dungeons and Dragons: Saturdays @2:30pm

Create a character and go on an adventure! Beginner and middle school aged players are invited to join the librarian-run campaign. High school aged players with D&D experience can join one of our volunteer-lead groups, or start their own! Space may be limited. For more information about joining in, DMing your own group, or learning to DM, contact Rosie or Ashley.