Virtual Browsing

Librarians at the Canton Public Library can now take you on a virtual browsing tour of the library stacks to find just what you're looking for.  (You'll need access to Zoom from your computer or mobile device)

Whether it's the hottest thing we've got or just scanning the shelves for your favorite cozy mystery, or whether it’s choosing another book by that author you like so much, looking for a cookbook or true crime book but don’t know which one, or maybe that little blue book you remember you loved when you were a kid that would be just perfect right now for the small person in your life, just call us at (781) 821-5027 and we can help you find it!

And while we're at it, maybe we can interest you in downloading an e-book or electronic audiobook from OverDrive, music and comics from hoopla, digital magazines through OverDrive, British video from Acorn TV, or sign you up for online access to the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal.