Electronic Message Board

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The Town of Canton Community Message Board @ Canton Public Library provides a centralized location for announcements of municipal services, events, emergency notices affecting public safety and welfare, and other important messages to Canton residents.

Message Management Policy:

Public Service related messages are limited to the following categories:

  • Emergency, health, and safety announcements from the Police, Fire, Emergency Management, or Health Departments.  Emergency announcements, amber alerts, etc. will supersede and replace all other announcements throughout the course of the emergency.
  • Significant road and traffic notices; messages of town-wide importance i.e. Town Meeting notices, Elections, Tax Bill notices, Storm Closings, Recycling, etc. from the Executive and Public Works Departments will be given priority display.
  • Library events and program announcements. 
  • Announcements by Municipal Departments such as the Recreation Department, Council on Aging.
  • Events sponsored by Canton–based nonprofit organizations that are intended for and open to the general public and have broad community interest.

The following categories of information shall not be displayed:

  • Private or public school events or announcements.
  • Church events.
  • Events or meetings restricted by purpose or membership to a limited segment of the community
  • Religious or political messages.
  • Lottery information.
  • Commercial and classified advertising; provided that this shall not prohibit notice by municipal or nonprofit organizations of fundraising events that otherwise conform to  this policy.
  • Appeals for inclusion of announcements that have been denied may be made in writing to the Board of Library Trustees.

 Procedures for Message Requests:

  • Except for emergency notices, all requests should be sent via email to acapone@ocln.org
  • The email should include the authorizing source, exact wording of message in ALL CAPS, and first and last dates for display if applicable, a contact name and phone number.  
  • Keep in mind that the message board is limited in the number of characters that can be included on a display, be is succinct as possible.
  • The Library Director, or designee, at their discretion, reserves the right to condense, reformat, or edit message information for space, clarity and content, and to limit the number of days the message is displayed.