A document or picture?

Printing from public computers in the library

Submit your files to print by clicking on any onscreen "Print" icon, selecting Print from any file menu or context menu or using the CTRL-P keyboard shortcut

Release prints by logging into the self-serve print release station across from the reference desk upstairs. The release station accepts change and $1 bills for jobs less than $5. The Library Document Station in front of the Maker Space accepts larger bills and credit or debit payments

Printing from any computer or mobile device anywhere

Email documents to cplquickprint@gmail.com and a librarian will print them for you.  You can pay when you pick them at the reference desk

For a higher level of privacy and security, use our Mobile Print Service:

Submit your files to print:

  • Through the Canton Public Library Print Spot Website
  • Through the PrinterOn App (be certain to select Canton Public Library from the list)
  • By emailing files to:
    • cp-lib-bw@printspots.com or 300588152271@printspots.com for black and white
    • cp-lib-cl@printspots.com or 300367080883@printspots.com for color 

Release prints at the self-serve print release station as above

The library charges $.15/page for black & white and $.50/page for color

Librarians will also accept cash or check payment, and release prints from the Reference Desk or the Junior Room Desk