Libraries Rock!

Read Books, Use the Library, Win Stuff!

Canton Public Library’s fifth Summer Program specifically for teens is coming this summer! Starting June 22, 2018, there will be movies, activities, and events geared toward teenagers and centered on this year’s theme Libraries Rock! Sign up at the Young Adult desk by setting a Reading Goal for the summer on or after June 22 and earn points by reading books, recommending all kinds of media, using the library, and having fun! Use those points to enter raffles to win cool stuff at the end of summer.

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Libraries Rock is open to everyone entering 7th through 12th grade. Younger patrons should check out the summer reading program in the Junior Room downstairs.
Libraries Rock

How It Works

Sign up for Libraries Rock on or after June 22, 2018. Come to the Young Adult desk, decide on a reasonable reading goal (Hint: a lot of schools are requiring students to read at least 2 books this summer; this might be a good goal for reluctant readers. For more enthusiastic readers, try to challenge yourself without being unrealistic!), and start your Build a Better World log! Put your name and goal on the outside cover, and use the inside to keep track of all the points you earn this summer. Leave your log here at the library so it doesn’t get lost. Come back often to record your reading, watching, writing, and point earning! 

100 Points = 1 Raffle Ticket

Every time you earn 100 points, see Rosie to fill out a raffle ticket and choose which prize you want to try to win! 

How to Earn Points

  • Sign up! Signing up and setting a Reading Goal will get you 100 points!
  • Read and Review! Reading any physical book, ebook, graphic novel, or listening to an audiobook at your reading level AND submitting a review of it to Rosie is worth 100 points!
  • Just Read! Reading any of the previously mentioned materials without submitting a review will earn you 50 points.
  • Review! Submit a review of a music album, video game, movie, TV show, or book you’ve previously read to Rosie and you’ll get 50 points!
  • Read a magazine or newspaper, or watch a foreign film with subtitles AND submit a review of an interesting article or the movie to Rosie and you’ll earn 50 points!
  • Reading a magazine/newspaper or watch a movie with subtitles without submitting a review is worth 25 points.
  • Attend a library program, earn 50 points! (Double that if you bring a friend!)
  • Reaching your Summer Reading Goal is worth 200 points!!