Tidbits from Trustee Minutes

7/27/1891 - Voted that at the discretion of the Trustees, cards may be issued to non-residents on the payment of $1 per year for each card issued.

11/28/1892 - Voted to reject book entitled "Blockade Runner".

1/9/1900- Voted that the Trustees make application for a writ of mandamus to issue vs. the Selectmen and Treasurer to pay over to the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees the bequest of Caroline Downes now in the hands of said Treasurer.

9/29/02 - Committee has found artist to paint a portrait of Augustus Hemenway.

10/27/02 - Committee on Portrait reported they had been unable to get Mr. Hemenway's consent for sittings.

2/3/08 - Librarian reported trouble in collecting fines and in some cases has been unable to do so, delinquents in the meantime insisting on their right to continue to take out books. Voted that the librarian be allowed to suspend the giving out of books in such cases until overdue fines are paid.

12/6/38 - Unveiling and dedication of plaque of Augustus Hemenway

6/5/39 - Motion made and seconded to give the librarians three weeks vacation with pay - two weeks of which to come during the period the library is closed.

2/1/85 - Dedication of portrait and Art and Music Room to Miss Margaret Doody, Librarian from 1946-1971