TV Shows

Twisted (ABC Family, Tuesday, 9pm)
Alanna - Age 15
Twisted is a teen drama television series. The lives of three eleven year olds all changed one summer afternoon. One of the kids, Danny Desai, was taken to a juvenile hall… for murder!!!  Eleven year old Danny was accused of killing his aunt one day with his two best friends, Jo Masterson and Lacey Porter, in the backyard. No one knows why he did it, only that he came into the backyard with a red jump rope in his hand. After being away for five years Danny is reunited with his now sixteen year old best friends. Much has happen in the last five years between Lacey and Jo. They went their separate ways; Jo finding a new best friend Rico and focusing on school, while Lacey also finds a new best friend Regina and becomes popular. Unaware of the change Danny tries to reunite the two who are secretly afraid of him. After the murder of Lacey’s best friend, Danny is once again a suspect! Lacey, who knows the truth, decides not to say anything to keep her reputation. Jo wants to help but is torn between being associated with her childhood friend, “Socio”, and the fact the Danny refuses to tell her what really happened to his aunt. Catch up with ABC Family’sTwisted on Tuesdays at 9pm and find out what Danny is hiding!
The Fosters (ABC Family, Monday, 9pm)
Alanna - Age 15
The Fosters is an ABC Family teen drama series.  The Fosters covers the main issues in today’s society; race and sexuality. The Fosters are a muti-racial lesbian foster family. Lena, the vice principal, and Stef, a police officer, have been together for the past eight years raising Stef’s son, Brandon, and their adopted twins, Jesus and Mariana. After fostering a couple of kids, Stef and Lena foster Callie, a sixteen year old right out of juvenile hall. After only a few days of being with Stef and Lena, Callie finds herself in trouble once again, this time with the help of Brandon. In an attempt to save her little brother, Jude, Callie and Brandon become in danger themselves. After Lena and Stef arrive to Callie’s last foster home, they end up taking in Jude too. Now in a full house of teens with little room, Lena and Stef face the struggles of parenthood. They go through Quinceañeras, plays, runaways, sport matches, and just adjusting to daily life. See for yourself--watch ABC Family on Mondays at 9pm to tune in!