Ender's ​Game
by Orson Scott Card
Josh - Age 12
While at school Andrew “Ender” Wiggin doesn’t find it very difficult, considering that he is a genius. However, one day his fortunes change when he gets chosen to go to battle school. Even there, he is a genius among geniuses. Rapidly he finds himself becoming one of the best in the school, making him a target for the ridicule of his peers. When he becomes a leader of a team, he thinks it will improve his life there; after all, it is just a game, right? The fast-paced, thoughtful story of Ender’s Game, and the surprise of what really is the reason for all of it, will keep readers turning the pages.

Getting Over Garrett Delaney
by Abby McDonald 
Alanna - Age 15
Getting Over Garrett Delaney is a young adult book. It is about the struggles of friendships. Sixteen year old Sadie is faced between keeping a great friendship hidden with secrets, or risking it all for love.  Her best friend Garrett, who she’s been madly in love with for three years, is now away at camp. Alone with nothing to do, Sadie gets a job at a café to make her lonely summer go by quicker. While waiting for one of Garrett’s weekly updates, Sadie comes face to face with reality; Garret will never look at her the way she looks at him. During his time at camp Garrett meets a girl who he has fallen in love with. Heartbroken, Sadie knows there’s only one thing left to do, a detox! With the help of Sadie’s new friends from the café, Sadie has to conquer her fantasy of ever being with Garrett. She comes up with this plan to help her get over Garrett and find who she really is aside from him by the time he comes back from camp. The question is; will Sadie beat the clock or was the whole summer a waste? Read Getting Over Garrett Delaney by Abby McDonald to find out! Another great book like it is a Sarah Dessen young adult called The Truth About Forever!
The Supernaturalist
by Eoin Colfer
Noel - Age 13.
The Supernaturalist, by Eoin Colfer, was a good book. It was about an orphan named Cosmo Hill in a high tech city of the future. His orphanage actually tests new products on the orphans, so Cosmo eventually tries (successfully) to escape. He then gets rescued by a group of kids who are all “spotters.” They and Cosmo are the only ones who can see little blue creatures who suck the life force from injured people. Through a series of plot twists they discover that they actually take pain, and have to fight to save them from an evil company president trying to use them in a nuclear energy device. I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone from 13 and older. The descriptive writing kept me hooked on the story from start to finish. All in all, it was a good read. 

by Raina Telgemeier

Harshitha - age 11
Smile is a true story about a girl named Raina Telgemeier who is going to sixth grade. One day her friends drop her off at her house after a Girl Scouts Meeting. Then they race to Raina’s door and she trips and falls knocking out one of her front teeth. When she and her mom get to the dentist, they find out the other front tooth got pushed into her gums. After that Raina goes through a lot of pain with braces, night time headgear, fake teeth, surgery, gum problems, and lots and lots of novicane. She also has problems at school and home like boy trouble, earthquakes, friends and earrings. 

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid
by Jeff Kinney
Marcus - Age 14
It was a good novel but the movie was not as good. The book had different parts—it had all the funny parts. But the connections were the same, and how all the characters came to be was the same. There were some character changes—there was no girl. 

Among the Hidden
by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Harshitha, age 11.
This book is about a boy named Luke Garner who lives in a place where you can only have two children, Luke is a third and has to spend his time hiding. For the past four months Luke has been using the identity of a boy, Lee Grant, that died in a skiing accident. Luke/Lee has been using that identity at Hendricks School for boys. One day the real Lee Grants brother comes to Hendricks and then the trouble begins.