Inter-library Loan

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The Commonwealth Catalog extends your search beyond your local library’s resources. In one easy step, you can search through millions of items at participating libraries across Massachusetts to find the books, DVDs, and music you’re looking for. Make a request and it will be delivered right to your local library for quick pickup. 

Please search the OCLN Catalog first. If the material you want is not available try ComCat  
If your needs cannot be filled through the Commonwealth Catalog, we might still be able to obtain it for you through the Massachusetts Library System's Regional Inter-Library Loan service.  Please contact the Reference Desk to use this service.

For either Commonwealth Catalog request or Regional Inter-Library Loan, the following guidelines apply:

1). You need to have an OCLN library card in order to request a title from outside the network. Please be advised the maximum charges on your card cannot exceed $5.00 or all activity on your card is suspended.

2). Normally there is no charge for items if we can obtain them from another Massachusetts library via our delivery system (academic, public, etc.)  Sometimes out-of-state lending libraries may charge to cover processing and postage. The reference desk will not place requests for any item without asking your willingness to pay these charges ahead of time.

3). Kindly pick up items at the Reference Desk as soon as possible when notified of its arrival. Renewals are generally not available for items borrowed from outside of the OCLN network.  

4) Please honor the due date attached to the item. Any book more than 7 days overdue will be assumed lost. 
Lost items will be billed according to the charge issued by the owning library.

5) Please do not return out-of-network items to any other OCLN library. Interlibrary loan books that you pick up at the Reference Desk must be returned to the same desk. Items not properly processed through the Reference Department run the risk of being assumed lost.  

6). Photocopies of journal articles may be requested at the Reference Desk, and can also be faxed or e-mailed directly to you. Turn-around time may vary from one day up to a week.

You can have up to a limit of three (3) active ILL requests at any time.