Order a copy of Canton Writes


Sorry for the long delay but things have been up in the air with COVID 19.  It looks like there is no chance of our having a live awards ceremony so we’d like to hold a virtual ceremony either the last week of June or the first week in July. The submissions are currently being in the judging phase. This should be done by the end of next week. We will notify the winners and ask them to make a short video introducing themselves and reading their winning entries. These videos can be sent to me or Canton Writes by June 19th. We will put a powerpoint together and combine it with a Zoom Session for an Awards Ceremony. Books will be available any time after the awards ceremony. As usual it is much less expensive for all if you buy the books from us at the list price. That way you will not have to pay the shipping and handling (almost $5.00). Since we won’t have a physical ceremony, I will order the books and have them sent to my house. I will notify you when they arrive and you can arrange a contactless pickup. I will need to receive payment for the books before ordering. The books will be $10.00. The table of contents is attached so you can see who has entries. Email me if you wish to buy a book and I’ll arrange for payment and pickup. It takes at least 2 weeks for the books to be delivered so I’d like to receive your orders by June 8th.