Conduct & Behavior in the Children's Library

Children of all ages are welcome in the library. However, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their appropriate behavior. The Children's Library is intended for use by children and their parents and caregivers. Out of concern for the safety of our young patrons, the library reserves the right for staff to ask adults not requiring immediate access to children's materials to relocate to another area of the Library.

Children aged 11 and under must be accompanied by a responsible caregiver aged 16 or over while at the library, unless registered for and attending a scheduled library program or event.

• Food and uncovered beverages are only permitted in designated areas of the library. No food or beverages, with the exception of water and/or those needed for infants such as breast milk or formula are ever allowed in the Children’s Library.

• Unaccompanied children determined by staff to be disrupting normal library activities may be given a warning and may be asked to leave if the behavior persists. If a child refuses to leave the library a staff member may contact the Canton Police Department to take custody of the child.

• In the event a child is left at the library without transportation at closing time, reasonable attempts to contact a parent or guardian will be made. If a parent or guardian is unable to be contacted or arrive at the library by closing time staff may contact the Canton Police Department to take custody.

• Parents or guardians leaving children at the library need to be aware of this policy and should ensure that their child(ren) knows how to reach the parents or guardians.

• Library staff members are not authorized to transport any child away from the library under any circumstance.

• In case of a medical emergency involving an unattended child, the staff will call 911 for emergency assistance and attempt to contact a parent/guardian, in that order.

This policy was approved by the Board of Library Trustees on 09/16/19. Updated 5/17/21 and 9/16/21.