Reserve a Room for a Program or Event

The Canton Public Library offers meeting rooms to non-profit, for-profit, and private groups.  To request a room to provide a program, presentation, or event that is open and intended for the general public please read the Terms of Agreement below before completing the Application for Public Program/Presentation.  (For a meeting or event that is closed to the general public go to Reserve a Meeting Room). 

See room descriptions for fees and availability. 
 Community Room  - 100 max occupancy
Thomas Bailey Aldrich Meeting Room  - 30 max occupancy
Art & Activity Room  - 30 max occupancy

Terms of Agreement 
  1. No commercial sales, offers, political or religious solicitation of any kind will be done on Library property.
  2. No admission charges or other fees are allowed without permission of the Board of Trustees.
  3. Permission granted to use the Meeting Rooms does not constitute an endorsement of any group’s policies, views, or beliefs by the Library administration, and any such representation is prohibited.
  4. No scheduled date is considered final until the application and rental fee (if applicable) is received. 
  5. Unless special arrangements have been made, all meeting participants must vacate the building before the Library closes at 9:00 pm Monday through Thursday or 5:30 pm on Friday or Saturday.
  6. Permission will be granted to meet outside of regular Library hours at the discretion of the Library Director and with regard to staff availability, safety or security of the building. Approval for the use of the Meeting Room may be canceled within four hours of an event in the case of staff illness.
  7. Meeting spaces are not soundproof; meeting and event attendees must remain sensitive to noise produced by the group’s activity in order to not interfere with other library operations.
  8. Mounting displays, posters, signs, banners or other decorations must be approved by the Library Director in advance. Tacks, nails, or adhesives may not be used on any walls in the building.
  9. Food and refreshments may only be brought into the building with express permission.
  10. The applicant agrees to take responsibility for any damage to the Library caused by or resulting from the applicant’s or his/her organization’s use of the meeting room. Rooms must be left in the same condition in which they were found.  Any supplies or items brought into the library must be removed from the library immediately following the event. Rubbish must be properly contained and removed. 
  11. No food or other supplies may be stored, delivered to, or left in the Library without permission from the Library Director.
  12. The Library assumes no liability or responsibility for the loss or damage of property belonging to the group or to individuals in attendance.
  13. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building. No open flame (including candles) is ever permitted anywhere in the facility.
I have read and agree to the Terms of Agreement,  I wish to submit the Application For Public Program/Presentation.