The Open Book Coffeehouse

About the Open Book

The Open Book Coffeehouse begins its twelfth year offering live concerts  This year, due to the novel coronavirus, all of the concerts will be held virtually, via online platforms, because, well, the show must go on….line. This new way of presenting concerts will allow the Open Book Coffeehouse to share the music with anyone who has access to a computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. The concerts are free to all, and made possible by the support of the Friends of the Canton Public Library.

Beaucoup Blue on Saturday, November 21, 7:30-8:30 pm CANCELLED!

Coming up January 16, 2021, Folk-rock duo The Whispering Tree

The Whispering Tree  
The Franco-American duo, which includes singer/songwriter Eleanor Kleiner and multi-instrumentalist Elie Brangbour, craft richly immersive folk-rock brimming with evocative lyrics, nature imagery, perspectives from travel, and a panoramic musicality that encompasses traditional folk, indie rock, classic rock, and 1960s pop and rock n’ roll. The twosome has garnered favorable comparisons to Cowboy Junkies, Over the Rhine and Aimee Mann.

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The Open Book Coffeehouse is a non-profit venue offering wide variety of acoustic music, including folk, singer / songwriter, jazz, blues, bluegrass, and a capella music since 2006.  Performers have included such artists as Lisa Yves, The Short Sisters, Matt and Shannon Heaton, Mad Agnes, Barnaby Bright, and City of Roses.

We are no longer Canton's best-kept secret.