Laptop Policy

Wireless or wired access is available in the Reference Room and throughout the Main Level of the Canton Public Library. Wireless access may reach the second floor depending on signal strength. Use of Wi-Fi is unencrypted and does not require a password. Access the Reading Room signal in order to connect to the internet. The Canton Public Library does not support VPNs.

The Canton Public Library provides 9 networked ports for public access for laptops. There are 7 of these ports located on the first floor in the Reference Room and two ports on the second floor in the non-fiction stacks in the study carrels.

Locations are as follows:
  • Reference Room: 3 reference tables located behind the internet computers nearest the back
  • bookshelves.
  • Reference Room: 2 chairs (ports are labeled INT) located near the windows.
  • Young Adult: 2 study carrels in the Careers section facing towards the 590's stacks.
  • Upper Level: The study carrels in the window balconies facing the Children's parking lot.
Your laptop must have an installed network card in order to access the network. Configure your computer to obtain IP and DNS address automatically under TCP / IP Settings. Network cables can be checked out on your Library Card if you do not have one available. Unreturned cables will result in a charge of $10.

Usage Limits
There is currently no time limit on the use of the network but we reserve the right to limit any use that adversely impacts the quality of service for other users. Laptop users must comply with the Library's Acceptable Use Policy. Any usage which attempts to gain access to the library network or which is contrary to the Canton Public Library's Acceptable Use Policy may result in loss of privileges. Any unauthorized or illegal acts with your laptop involving library resources may be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities.

Wireless Printing
Now you can print via wireless to the Canton Public Library printers located in the Reference Room. Black and white pages are $.15 per page. Color pages are $.50 per page.